SPOTLIGHT: Blake Fitch

It is worth checking out Blake Fitch’s online portfolio simply because of the superb website design.  The fact that within it holds such fantastic work makes it criminal to miss.  This particular series Expectations of Adolescence captivated me as Fitch has “explored the changes that accompany this phase of a girl’s life in America.”  She hopes to have “captured the simple moments in her [the girl’s] search for her own identity as it becomes publicly displayed.”  There is a precious trust and openess  shared by the subject.

“It is rare in contemporary photography to encounter a series of pictures this beautiful, compelling, innocent, and intriguing.”

– Andy Grundberg, Photography Critic

“Blake Fitch’s portraits project confidence, poise and intelligence. A contemporary romantic,  her  tender  gaze  captures  individuals  with  delicate precision  and  dignity.”

– Paula Gillen, Photo Editor