SPOTLIGHT: Ursula Sokolowska

Ursula Sokolowska

“This work examines the trauma and uncertainty carried from childhood.  In particular, I am referencing my own upbringing as a Polish immigrant.  There is an undercurrent of helplessness and misdirection linked to a sort of schizophrenic parenting, excommunication, and constant movement.

These photographs are projection-based installations.  The models are mannequins and their faces are projections.  The faces of the children are slides that my father took of me when he was still involved in my life.  The other slides are present day images that I have shot of my mom, my dad,  and myself.  My goal is to reconstruct my own childhood, empowering the past for better or for worse.  The result is a troubling recreation of events that may seem disturbing but are far less in context to the real events that transpired.”