SPOTLIGHT: Andrew Buurman

A couple of weeks ago I listened to Andrew Buurman talk about his work.  He is a very down to earth chap.  I enjoyed his presentation.  He has a good sense of humor.  He gave us all a little badge with this image on.  Its from a body of work he did photographing the Serpentine Swimming Club.  The Serpentine Lake is situated in London’s Hyde Park.  All year round swimmers gather every Saturday morning at 8am.

Andrew Buurman likes things that are contained.  A Serpentine Swim is contained.  Another body of work he produced called Allotments has some lovely portraits taken within this contained space.

My favourite of his projects however is images taken at a Star Wars convention.  Brilliant.  This has then opened up to a body of work about L.A.R.P (Live Action Role Playing).  I love the visual relationship of such beautifully serious and technically recorded portraits with the hint of comedy from the very nature of the subject matter.

Check out his website.

Buurman’s advice…

“Pick your pigeon hole carefully”