SPOTLIGHT: Jordan Tate

LOVE this work.  You know when you look at something and its like this delicious taste in your mouth, but rather than that its like your very being takes delight in what you see.  This work did that for me.

“Framework is a self-critical exploration of photography and how qualities inherent to the medium affect its perception. It is an acknowledgement of the subjectivity of photography in spite of the camera’s ability to mechanically reproduce reality, and an exaggeration of the characteristics that control context. Through the action of selectively omitting part of the image, scene, or frame, the viewer is confronted with an incomplete work. This fragmented image aims to foster awareness of the artist’s role in the creation of the image through photographically specific visual devices and the denial of full access to the context or narrative. With the awareness of the work as incomplete, the viewer can acknowledge the photographer as an active participant in the dialogue between viewer and image”. – Joran Tate