My friend James taught me a new word the other day. ‘Prodigious: Remarkably or impressively great in extent, size or degree.  Unnatural or abnormal.’  It’s a good word, but I am yet to make good use of it.

However today I came across these images by Will Govus who has been described as ‘a prodigious seventeen year old’.

As yet I am unable to tell you exactly what attracts me to these images, but there is something there for sure.  I am astounded at his age and the maturity in his image making.

I like the simplicity in this picture.  I like the way the windows of the building and those of the camper van are banded together across the composition.

The snow has begun to melt here in Falmouth.

Here is an interview I came across with Will Govus.

Why are the photographs taken during the night?

I’ve always liked shooting at night ever since I first started taking photos. The process of walking around late at night, composing shots, and all the surreal scenes I come across is really entertaining to me.

Who are some photographers that you admire?

My main influences as far as nighttime photography goes are Todd Hido, Kevin Cooley, and Dan Holdsworth. I think Todd Hido’s stuff is my straight up favorite night photography. There’s also this guy, David Drennon, who does some totally ridiculous night stuff.

And for photographers in general: Bryan Schutmaat, Greg Stimac, Richard Renaldi, Alec Soth, Pete Halupka, Brian Ulrich, Amy Stein, Ryan McGinley, Peter Beste and a lot more…