SPOTLIGHT: Fergus Heron

Fergus HeronFergus Heron is an Artist and Senior Lecturer in Photography at University of Brighton.  Today he came to speak to us about his work.  I will upload a larger image in the near future.

Heron’s photography is concerned with the representation of place in relation to history, memory and perception, with alternate emphasis on landscape, interior and exterior architecture and the correspondences between them. It is the cultural origin of perceived natural spaces, together with imagined histories embedded in vernacular forms of architecture that determine Heron’s subjects. These include forests and woodlands, heathlands, executive family houses, retail centers and motorways.

He is working on five quite distinct projects, but they are all inter-related.

When talking about his work Forests & Woodlands, Heron talked about how you can complicate a space by photographing it from numerous directions and minor shifts in composition.  There is repetition within the images and sometimes of the images.