SPOTLIGHT: Michelle Sank

“By undertaking a series of portraits in varying physical and social environments, I hoped to capture the nuances, norms and sense of identity that are particular to and a reflection of youth within contemporary society in the Mannheim vicinity today.”

-Michelle Sank

Michelle is a part time photography tutor here in Falmouth.  In 2007 she was a third prize winner in The Photographic Portrait Prize, National Gallery, London.  This image from the series Reality Crossings was taken in a children’s home in Mannheim which serves as an orphanage as well as a day centre for young people with family problems.  This is Janine.

Not everyone is good at taking portraits.  You need to connect with the subject.  It is a humane exchange.  From chatting with Michelle it is no wonder that she is good at taking portraits.  ’Taking’ feels like the wrong word.  Maybe it should be ‘making’.  But that also seems not quite right.  What about ‘waiting’…