SPOTLIGHT: Adam Jeppesen

Adam Jeppesen’s Wake was assembled from images taken whilst traveling on assignment over a seven year period.  He is an observer.

“The work of Adam Jeppesen invites thoughts about the origins and the future of the documentary photographer – perhaps social photographer is the word I’d rather use – the kind of artist who does not ostensibly stage the world, but prefers to watch it, then frame it as it is. The only act of manipulation, the only insertion of opinion, comes as the artist’s eye decides what will fit inside the rectangle of the aperture; the rest is already there.”

–  William Pym

With a minimalistic vision and a driven and quiet calculation, Adam Jeppesen speaks of this arctic-tundra-frozen-emotion and he talks with his silence and with his quiet isolation. The silence and stillness are deafening, roaring… and the freeze is “felt”. This brand of isolation is palpable. The vibes and undertones through this work are of magnitude yet certainly they also contain the delicacy and the complexity of a snowflake that is viewed up close. The work is unified, ambiguous and totally connected, yet the locations are varied, unique and globally dispersed. There are connecting universal truths that are present and woven through this work but they run deep, under the surface and can’t be simply relegated to the aesthetic, to the surface components, to the subject. Of course we can see cinematic like themes that are contained within the aesthetic and the subject matter… the darkness, the night, the ice, the towering trees, the footprints… the snow… but the thread of cohesion runs deeper.

– Text by Doug Rickard, American Suburb X